07/08: GIYUS - Megaphone software

I am not sure how many of you already know about this but has created a software called 'Megaphone' to notify the people using it of any poll/discussion criticizing Israel so that they can skew the results (in favor of Israel). GIYUS here means Give Israel Your Unified Support.

GIYUS prompt

This is a despicable act of manipulating online news resources to show opinion in favor of Israel. This is an immoral practice and sets a precedant where any one can make such a software to bias the representaion of popular opinion. Can we now trust the validity of popular opinion on various news sites? I think not.

I came to know of this tactic from this article on TimesOnline. Seeing that at least 15000 people are currently using this software, I just can't trust the result of any online poll on any topic relating to Israel in which the opinion is in support of Israel.

The reason being cited for the creation of this software is that news sources like BBC and CNN are showing Lebanese propaganda while not showing the Israeli viewpoint. I find this odd since all the reports and news I have viewed on either BBC or CNN show clear support for Israel. They show very little interaction with the affectees of Israeli bombing in Lebanon while they frequently go into the homes of affectees of Hizbollah bombing in Israel to question them on the effects of the war on their life and to sympathize with them.

I am now using news channels like BBC and CNN for the Israeli aspect of the war and news channels like Geo News and ARYOne Digital News, who have sent their reporters to Lebanon, for the Lebanese aspect of this disproportionate war.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is in Lebanon helping the Lebanese people. Men like him are rare and hard to find who treat all people equally without any consideration to their race, religion or creed. I have great respect for this man and wish him safety from any harm.
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ify the people using it of any poll/discussion criticizing Israel so that they can skew the results
20/04 20:29:21

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