27/08: Nawab Akbar Bugti and his grandsons killed

For those of you who don't know about Bugti, you can read about him on Wikipedia.

The security forces killed Akbar Bugti, a tribal leader of Balochistan, and his two grandsons last night. Usually I would protest against such actions but this time, I am quite glad and commend the Armed Forces of Pakistan for this. Akbar Bugti and his grandsons were rebels in Balochistan, commiting terrorism which is armed and financed by India from its consulates in Afghanistan and backed by India, Russia and some American factions (to pressurize Musharraf). The backing provided to these terrorists (in the form of terror and propaganda cells in Balochistan and Afghanistan and modern weaponry) and their illegal activities in Balochistan from the Indian consulates in Afghanistan is a well known fact even though the Indian government vehemently denies it.

Bugti and his terrorist organization, calling itself BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army) have made it difficult for the people of Balochistan to live a peaceful and prosperous life. Most of the affectees of BLA's terrorist acions are women and children. South Asia Intelligence Review (SAIR) has this to say about the activities of BLA:

Over last few months, Baloch rebels have been hard at work planting landmines, firing rockets, exploding bombs or ambushing military convoys and killing dozens including army jawans (soldiers), levies, security agents, Government officials as well as civilians. The Sui airport building has been blown up, gas pipelines and electricity grids have been hit repeatedly, and bomb explosions have been engineered close to the official residence of the provincial Chief Minister as well as the Governor. Even the military installations in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, have not been spared by the angry nationalists. A fierce gun-battle between tribal insurgents and the Frontier Corps (FC) near Sangsela in the Dera Bugti district of Balochistan province on March 17, 2005, left more than 50 dead, mostly women and children.

Bugti was also against allowing the people of Balochistan the right of education. This was all done to keep the poor people of Dera Bugti which included peasants and slaves, under his thumb. His grandsons were equal culprits in all of these activities. People had to get education in secret to avoid the ire of Bugti and his fines of upto 0.5 million rupees. Here's a link for the article about the murder of many people by Bugti and his henchmen for wanting to be educated.

These events had become a routine in the province until the current government headed by Musharraf made some efforts to try to control the situation. I commend Musharraf and the armed forces for getting rid of this menace from Balochistan and hope that the Balochi people can now work together against any such future leaders and progress further. This might also help mark the end of the Sardari (feudal) system.

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Good articles, but please try to write/comment from the people points of view also not just from the Govt point of view. We should keep in mind no matter how bad you, we, or anybody from the govt thinks he was he had the right for free trail like everybody else. Also not very long ago if you remeber it was thge same inteligence who reported about the map and creation of Jinahpur, i wonder who has joined hands with them just to form a govt ? and what about the Sindu Desh?? what happend to them????
29/08 13:25:21
I am very glad on extra judicial murder of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. Because he was trying to allocate resources of his province to his people only. God forbid if he succeeded to do so, the 95% pakistani would not be able to cook their food and run their factories which are utilizing sui gas of the Baluchistan province. Baluchis are basically the people who may be easily crushed due to the loyalities of their Sardars to the government. This is very easy to occupy their resources by honoring or bribing few sardars like Lagahris.

But I am sad as how our government and we all will be able to teach the Americans, Isralis and Hindu brothers that they should look into the causes of suicidal and other explosions. How can we be able to prohibit the American, Isralies and Hindu brothers from use of daizy cutter bombs, poisonous gases, B-52 carpet bombs agaisnt the cruel Palestininas, Labnanese and Kashmiris.

We have now provided a justification that use of forces and capturing the resources of week nations is justified. Long live America.
29/08 18:16:52
@ Pakistani:

My opinion is included in the article. I can't help totally agreeing with the government's point of view on this issue.

Yes, there should have been a trial but the present judicial system is a farce. A trial under the current government would have yielded similar results probably in the form of life long imprisonment or death by hanging.

The intelligence reports many things. However, there is proof of the disturbance caused in Balochistan by the Bugtis. I have read about it over the years with increasing frequency in the last 3 years. I stand firm by my opinion.
29/08 20:27:19
@ Choudhary Mushtaq:

I am in two minds to your comment as to whether it is sarcasm or not. I will assume it to be not.

The 95% part is an overexaggeration. The natural gas used by the people is coming from various sources. However Balochistan does provides the majority of the local supply.

On principle, I am not against the people using their resources for themselves but in that case, the Balochi leaders should be ready for the blockage of water from NWFP for the sake of NWFP's own use too. The other provinces can similarly impose extra duties and other taxes specifically for Balochistan. Now does this isolation of resources sounds justified or beneficial to the Balochis in any way? Furthermore, any royalties payed to Bugti for the natural gas would have been used to arm his men against the government and the people of Balochistan.

The Balochi people conveniently forget that they hardly have any earnings and that they rely on the federal government for their expenditures. They hardly contribute to the government's tax earnings. This expenditure of theirs is met by the taxes collected from the other three provinces. Furthermore, the current government has invested billions of dollars into the Gwadar project which these same leaders oppose. Balochistan has no technical expertise and couldn't even offer any considerable technical workforce for the project. How can they participate in national projects for their own benefit if the majority aren't even educated due to these same leaders. These leaders have been the cause of the stagnation in the development of Balochistan for decades.

We can hardly teach the Americans, Israelis or Indians anything for the sole cause that they will hardly listen or consider our words. The discerning already know the truth about the causes behind the suicide bombings. Those who choose to remain blind can't be helped. To even think of the Palestinians, Lebanese or Kashmiris as being cruel is a joke not even worthy of a laugh. That is like blaming the Jews for the holocaust and saying that they deserve it.

Our actions hardly provide a justification since the worlds only super power has already set this precedant.
29/08 20:44:00
I wish we should learn tolerance and promote love among the peoples of Pakistan. Our armed forces have not come from the hell or heaven. They are our brothers. We should not use them against any pakitsnis. We should promote dilague rather following the Israilis.
29/08 20:49:26
@ Anonymous User:

Yes, we should not use the army against the citizens of the country but sometimes, the army can be the most efficient tool to remove leaders on the payroll of foreign powers. Effectively, if leaders are acting against the country and acting as a puppet for foreign powers, they are traitors and don't deserve to be leaders. Doing so is an act of betrayal of the trust of the people whom they garnered their votes from. There is a reason why being a leader is a difficult job. A leader is always answerable for his actions.

National interest is above petty issues. This is true for any country of the world.
29/08 20:52:45
Asad sahib,
I hundred % agree with you that peoples of Baluchistan are not only illiterate but ignorant. You know that the pakistani governments in the past sepecially during the last five years decided to open 5 universities namely Fatima Jinah University, Medical University, Engineering University, Social sciences universitiy, Natural Sciences university and hundereds of other high tech colleges and schools in Baluchistan. But nawab Akbar Bugti did not allow the federal government to open these universities. hence, he is sole responsible for the ignorance of baluch people.

You are again true that baluchi peoples are not sharing in tax collection. They depend upon the tax payers of all the other three provinces. Then I wonder why should we not decide to liberate them according to their wishes like we the punjabis liberated Bengladesh in 1971. In this way our burden will be shed. Besides, we should try to destroy the record which is speaking that only the Punjab has taken suigas worth 67 USD billions from Baluchistan. In all all the provinces have utilized gas of baluchistan worth 100 Billion dollars. On the other hand we have spent on baluchistan only 5.6 billion dollars uptill now. We should hide these figures from these narrow minded Baluchis.

As far as Gawadar is concerened, you are again right. We the Punjabis have purchased lands there . We are planing to arrange setteleing of our future generations in such a prospective and fast growing area to protect our future generations. These Baluchis who are less than 6 millions should not be allowed to creat hurdles in protection of our future generations. Because they are not only ignorant but are poor too. Like Americans, I wonder why God has gifted these ugly people with such a huge quantity of natural resources. We should try to occupy and capture landes as well as resources as lsoon as possible. Otherwise super powers are ready to invest on these ugly peoples. God forbid, if h=this ever happens, we the Punjabis will have no way except canibalism. Because we have already invaded and captured resources of southeren punjab with connivance of Sardars as well as Peers and makhdooms of the area. Now nothing is left in southeren punjab.
30/08 13:27:57
@ Mushtaaq Chaudhary:

So you finally came out wih your true opinion. The arguments and statistics you have presented (financial or otherwise) are the same as those on various Baloch Nationalist (BLA) propaganda sites so pardon me if I don't believe these statistics. You are entitled to believe what you want. I am entitled to the same. May the truth prevail in either case.

You state, 'We the Punjabis' but you surely aren't a Punjabi. You are insulting and speaking of Balochis in a derogatory manner which I, as a Punjabi have never done and would never do. Please take your I-am-a-Balochi-so-I-own-Pakistan mentality to the forums of BLA. Your opinion would be more appreciated there.

Additionally, please have the courtesy to use your real email address instead of a fake one. It hardly lends any credibility to your comment when you use a fake email address.

Thanks for commenting anyway.
30/08 14:10:40
The murder of Akbar Bughti at the hands of Pakistan army is criminal and once agan proves that our military, after sucessive defeats in military advantures( spare me with so called 1965 victory) is only capable of murdering Pakistanis and conquering their lands fro DHAs and SD and General colonies. The document through which Baluchistan became part of Pakistan bears the signature of Akbar Bugti. He was the one who convinced oter Baluch SARDARS at the time of in dependence to join Pakistan,... which ultimately ended up in their own slavery at the hands of pakistan military. The military should not forget what happend in Pulton Ground , bANGLADESH. Why are the sowing the seeds of hatered which have to be reaped by all of us. Who can be a biger WADERA then the military themselves, occupying state lands with impunity, converting land allocated purely for military purposes in to Housing Authorities, and then making them exclusive zones( civilans not allowed)..Please try to vist any park in any of the Cants..and all this using the money looted from the very people they rule. And in the end, the whole nation remains slave to the whims of USA, the real masters of our so called defenders of Pakistan.
aND AS FOR MR . Mushtaq. HE seems to b e from that breed of punjabis.. which un fortunately are in majority, who have always welcomed the invading armies and have offereed their lands and women happily be raped and plundered. The voice of dissent doesnt mean its the voice of rebellion.
31/08 16:33:21
@ Ahsan:

Unsurprisingly, you bear the same host address as Mushtaq. Coincidence? Not.

I am saddened by the depth of your BLA propaganda. The new article I have put up about the birth of BLA and similar organizations operating in Balochistan proves that BLA is a terrorist tool of foreign powers.

Only a Balochi rebel, inside Pakistan, would call the 1965 war a defeat. I don't recall reading anywhere in history that Balochistan was attacked by India in 1965. It was Punjab and Sindh who were attacked. Ofcourse, fascists like Nawab Akbar Bugti and his supporters would think otherwise.

If the people have any grievances, they should bring it up and highlight it in the (now quite free) media to get the attention. The solution is not to blow up gas pipelines, blow up railway tracks and commit mass murders as the people supporting Bugti (BLA and others) have done.

I don't deny that Balochi rights have been suppressed. They have, unfortunately, been suppressed. I do say that the Balochis should be given money which is due to them for the gas (approx. Rs. 6 billion [$100 million]) and that there should be extensive development. However, devlopment does not comes out of wishing it. It requires extensive investment, time and stability. Whenever anything new is being developed, these so called sardars/leaders have it blown up. This hardly signifies Balochistan as being stable and ripe for investment. The current government is the first one in the history of the province to invest so heavily in the form of the Gwadar port. I laud their effort since this will pave the way for positive future development. It will earn Balochistan revenue which the Balochistan government can use on the Balochi people and further development. I would love to see the majority of Balochi people educated and working on the development of the Gwadar port and in other parts of Pakistan. The Prophet (PBUH) emphasized the importance of education. In that vain, the Baloch sardars are doing exactly the opposite. Chinese engineers who were brought here to fill the void of an unskilled Balochi workforce were killed by BLA instead of learning from them and creating a skilled workforce. Is that even the way to ask for any rights?

You consider it a conquest by the army which is laughable in itself. It remains a fact that whenever some change comes, few people accept it willingly. The people who are rigidly set in their old ways of suppressing the rights of the poeple are the ones who outright reject any change in the status quo. The case of Bugti is the latter one.

These same sardars are the ones whose previous generation sold Quetta and other parts of Balochistan to the British for money so less; it could be considered free. Some people elsewhere have rightly pointed out that these sardars would sell their mother if they can negotiate an appropriate cost. Accession to Pakistan was the decision of the jirga which represented the people of Balochistan, not Nawab Bugti alone.

I have said it before that it is not and should not be the role of the army in normal conditions to get rid of rebels. However, conditions are anything but normal. Involvement of foreign hands make this a threat to the whole country and hence the army is fully justified in taking control of the situation. No sane person would support killing a whole family (as per the link in the article) because they want to get education but are suppressed except people like Bugti and his supporters. They (Bugti & co) are truly insane.

I can't really give any credit to your comment if you think Mushtaq is a Punjabi. Chances are that you are commenting after changing your name from Mushtaq to Ahsan since you both have the same host address. His/your comments, dripping with sarcasm, hint clearly enough about his/your true opinions. If you think people like him are in majority in Punjab, you are already set in the ways of the BLA. Arguing with you is therefore useless.

I wish the very best to the true Balochi people in acquiring their rights. I am proud of Balochistan for having the site where the nuclear devices were tested resulting in Pakistan being declared a nuclear state. I would support and rally for their cause myself. What I won't support is the ulterior agenda of Bugti and other similar men.
31/08 20:01:33
Salam everyone

Having read the above series of posts and corresponding comments I get the feeling that most comments are not authentic. This is ofcourse very true about the whole nature of the internet where you can disguise yourself as anyone. The fact the Punjabis have purchased lands in Gwadar because they have no place to go is absolute rubbish. I have been to Gwadar and most land purchases have been done from people of Sindh!!(mainly memons). Now I am not against memons and also bohras(they are the ones who have done good business there by opening hardware shops) but shouldn't Mr. Mushtaq Choudhry (most probably a disguised name for someone who hates Punjabis) get his facts straight??

Also can the apologists of Bugti please bother to answer the following:
1. It is well known that Bugti had money enough to buy a good deal of weapns etc. Why if he was such a Baloch loving sardar did he not open any schools or hospitals(even in his own Dera Bugti area)?
2. Why do the religous parties today mourn the death of a person who had shown complete contempt for the concept of jihad, had killed people without allowing them due discourse to legal justice? Why do those so called religous leaders (who wish for the return to the system that was prevalent at the time of the great caliphs) not speak against atrocities of the sardars?
3. The political parties today(and especially the parties who are against all forms of feudalism and jagirdari system) provide adequate explanation why during their respective tenure in the government they failed to abolish the sardari system through the parliament? Why do they speak today that military operation be stopped and everything resolved through parliament when in the past they have done nothing (when the parliament was in complete power)?
4. Why is the West and especially America so hesitant to proclaim sardars and jagirdars as terrorist when these are the very people who ensure the poverty of their nations and thus maintain the very roots from which militancy and terrorism grows?
5. How do sardars like Bugti represent the aspirations of the Baloch people when they are unable to keep even their own tribe(Kalpar, Messori) united? What I mean here is that Akbar Bugti was not even able to keep his own tribe together because there were people who became educated and who dared to stand against him in elections. How could such a person represent the whole of Balochistan? The argument that there are troubles throughout Balochistan because of his death is quite invalid in my opinion as I know for a fact that a lot of it is just badmashi. Many banks that have been burnt actually had their computers and furniture taken before being burnt. This ofcourse means that this has the hands of local thugs who want to make quick bucks in the name of Bugti death.
These are just some questions that arise from the current situation. Some will ofcourse have logical and appropriate answers that escape me as I am not a Baloch. But this should be food for thought for people who do not know much about the situation and are just carried away by propoganda fomented by our naive and much discredited political/religous parties.
02/09 12:21:08
I shall add a few more points:

6. This man (Bugti) killed first at the age of twelve and takes pride in it.
7. Bugti killed many hundreds of people and is proud of it.

This can not be the case of a person who can care for his very own people since many of those murdered were from his own tribe killed at his own hands. The two faced persona that Bugti presents is that of a facist who presents a good face to the world but his true face only to the people over which he has some power to abuse. Sardari system should be abolished from all provinces.
02/09 23:34:03
Mr Asad. Instaed of criticizing my opinion, I sincerely advice u to through history instead of ISPR handouts. You still didnt answer or comment on the following as to how a man who played a pivitol role in making Baluchistan part of Pakistan termed as a traitor. And the acession could not have been posible without Akbar bugti.Why was Akbar bugti the only man who resigned ...both from the post of cheif minister and the governor.. only because he differed from powers to be ..on principles. Why dont u highlight the incident which trigered the latest spate of violence..i.e, the rape of Dr.Shazia at the hands of a Military officer and the non registration of a criminal case against the military officer.aND PLEASE read history. The war in Kahmir was trigerred by TRAITOR Ayub khAN as a last resort to support his dwindling popularity by relying on " rally wit the flag" syndrome of populace. And even then people like you digest the propoganda that two divsions of INdian army invaded un announced. For godsake.. the borders were on red alert. THE DUST OF The TANKS AND heavy equipment could be seen from miles.... and still people like you believe tha INdia attacked unannounced. Where were the border patrols. Where was the army in telligence.. May be punishing civilians..just like in tese times.. And then the shamful exchange of vast tracts of Kashmir against Wagha Border took placeon interference of our Masters America. PLease read history . I am a Punjabi...just an educated one. And as far as development is a parameter /criteria for sincerity , liberation and enpowerment, then we should say that our colonial British rulers were the most sincere to this country. should we? DIDNT THEY dEVELOPED THE RAILWAYS, TE IRRIGATION, THE EDUCATION, AND The GOVERNING IN FRA STRUCTURE. But did tey enpower the local poulation..A big NO. sO PLEASE try to get the bigger and real picture.This is our country and we can t let a gang of mercenaries loot it and sell it. A country is deemed i ndependent if its Foreign POlicy is independent so tat it can choose its friends and enemies. Can we? So my dear Asad..ours is not an independent country .. becasue we have an army of property dealers and dirty bussinessmen who cannt even give tis country an in dependent foreign policy. Remember Afghanistan and Iran.
As far as bugti is concerned, he was the most honest and principled cheif minister and governor in Pakistan.Ask any civil servant who has served in his tenure. Make some inquires. There were several times over many handouts of ISPR in 1971 about how our patriotic and brave army is crushing a handful of rebels in East PAKISTAN and how these rebels are agianst development which their rulers in west pakistan wanted so badly becasue they loved the people of bangladsh ..the same way musharaf loves the people of Baluchistan. SO mR Asad.. for me. the writing on the wall is very obvious and not new at all...thats why i shudder at the thought of it...Please stop reading " MAUSHaRTI ALOOM " OF Punjab text Book Board". And i will be telling you in the next mail who are the biggest waderas of Pakistan..the waderas.. because of whom more than 90 % of population lives below poverty line and in subhuman slums.... long Live DHAs and fauggi Foundations..and agricultural lands marabas of souteren punjab and sindh..and exclusive tax free livings and SD HOuses and Nishan e Haiders..subsidised living and land for the handicapped and disabled army of PAKISTAN.
04/09 18:47:55
Mr Ahsan

Apart from your random ramblings I discern nothing intimately close to common sense reasoning. You have failed to answer the basic question:

How was Bugti principled if he killed innocent people (and gladly acknowledged it)?

No one is arguing that Musharaf is a great guy or that our army is wonderful or not.

The argument is: Was Bugti as innocent, peace loving and principled as is proclaimed by his apologists? Or has he been glorified simply because he has been klilled by army?
06/09 14:53:41
mR Waqas. I have avoided making statements like you and have argues giving historical and concrete evidence. Its always easy to make statements , just like ISPR. how can me, you or anyone single out Akbar Bugti as if he is the only Wadera in this holy Pak Land. Had you analyzed te reports, it would have been clear that most of the deaths resulted as a result of Army gunfire. Who can gorget te massacre in Wazirstan Bazars and Straffing of marriage parties by out great royal air force and imperial army. Why forget te massacres in East Pakistan. Or ogri camp.Or the blood shed that took place in Sindh during 80's. even the two wars which were imposed on us by army were nothing but murde as they were intiated without any approval of elected parliament. If the sacred oath take by the armed forces is breached without remorese and with impunity, discussing Akbar Bugti seems illogical. . If a national institution like army works arbitrarily and becomes a gang of thugs, getting away with impunity, why single out Akbar Bugti.Army is not a sacred cow. Or is it? IF our army is a state within a state, what sort of example does it set for the rest . Try to identify the waderas who are the cause of uneducated , undernourished, supressed and deprived millions living in slums of urnban Punjab and rest of Pakistan. Or is that also becasue of Akbar Bugti. So my dear, instead of making immature statements, its better that you try to look at the whole picture.You seem to be one of those countless millions who read some english or urdu daily, watch the news and make up ur mind. Better analyse the cause and not the effects.
09/09 17:56:27

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