09/09: Holocaust cartoons and freedoms

I recently came across some cartoons of holocaust on the internet. These cartoons are from the holcaust cartoon exhibition being held in Iran. While there are many cartoons on the site, the two which particularly appealed to me are the ones below. They have little to do with the holocaust but much to do with the double standards displayed by the western media and many people, regarding how they treat Islam (and Muslims as a result) and Jews (and the holocaust as a result). It all comes back to freedom and where it should be curbed to prevent hurting any particular group of people.

cartoon 1

cartoon 2

These two cartoons are quite true, in my opinion. I haven't seen all the cartoon enteries yet since the collection is huge.

Personally, I like this initiative by the Iranian people to hold such an event. Participants from many countries sent in their enteries for the competition. The list of participants/countries can be seen here. 1193 cartoon enteries were recieved from 61 countires. The statement by the director of the Iranian House of Cartoons, Massoud Shojai Tabatabai, given to Guardian Unlimited poses a very important question. I will end my article with his question:

'Why is it acceptable in western countries to draw any caricature of the Prophet Mohammed, yet as soon as there are any questions or doubts raised about the Holocaust, fines and jail sentences are handed down?'

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Double standards, indeed. But they can bully us in any way then want, cuz we're the underdogs, and we aren't even trying to get better!
10/09 05:02:50
I think the two cartoons perfectly represent how the world maintains a bias - Pisses me off like mad
15/09 01:44:14
Last part of the question Mr. Tabatabai put forward is a point to ponder for us.
A writer is still in jail for more than 5 years just for denying [i]the incident[i]in a country like England. This clearly demonstrate the the Jewish Hold over today world.
Recently i read a column about the new emerging ranker in US.
Nancy P.
Mentality: favours zionists in each and every aspect
Purpose of emrgence: Jews(zionists) arent contented with the rate at which this crusade is going on. They want more heat towards Hammas in Palestine and some'ing more with Iran.
I sometimes think that Iranians are given with some extraordinary gifts of proper Guidance and courage that they can speak and come forward in each and every matter faced to Muslim worlds in this era of darkness.
They are still calling a spade a spade with war on their footsteps, and their president inspite of being Shite, is condemning the death of Saddam, making US fail to creat big gulf between Shites and Sunnies.
We on the other hand are nothing but Jerks Politically.
09/01 05:20:28

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