02/10: Musharraf's appearance on The Daily Show

While I read about Musharraf's appearance on Comedy Central's The Daily Show some days back, it was recommended to me to watch the actual video. I went through the complete show today and enjoyed it quite a bit.


The gesture with the jasmine tea was a nice one. The opening lines by Jon Stewart were quite amusing especially the "twinky" comment and then when he jumped the Osama bin Laden question on an unsuspecting Musharraf, I could tell that Musharraf was a bit surprised but he answered back confidently. Other parts of interest were about whether Bush listened to Musharraf and that Musharraf was calm in the face of various threats he faces for being at the forefront of the war on terror to which Musharraf replied, "Yes".

Musharraf did not fall victim to Jon Stewart's usual antics. However, that may be because Jon Stewart was going light on him, or at least that's how it seemed to me.

It was enjoyable watching it and I would definitely recommended it to other people. At least, you will get a few laughs from it!

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Nice blog asadasif. Cool color scheme and very user-
friendly do-dahs.

Laiken yar, where can we get d/l a clip of this show
dude ?. This blog post was a good tease, but where
can we get relief ?.

Sheikh 'Bai-qaraar' Chilli
03/10 09:52:43
@Sheikh Chilli:

There you go! Enjoy!

[check your email for more info]
03/10 13:32:34
thanks for the clip!
03/10 14:09:16
You are welcome!
03/10 15:53:02
It's hard to download this all. Is it on YouTube? or any other place where I could download it better and faster?
05/10 17:04:46
Thanks for the clip, asadasif. Here's a link to all the three
parts of the interview.
Sheikh Chilli
13/10 07:35:23
You know what I don't consider it prudent for a serving head of state to appear on a program like this . No one else has before . I would say he has lost his marbles.
23/10 17:23:34
@ Usman:

There is no law which stops him from appearing on any program while in office. Do you object to his appearance in the interview on Geo News recently too?

We are too set in the traditional ways of thinking where unless a precedant has already been set, we object to everything new. It is high time we accept that new things and changes are not necessarily bad or against the interest of the country.
23/10 23:27:45
It is of course not against the interest of the country but still its better if the head of the state behaves as head of the state and not like some publicity hungry politician . I would not mind it if he is a politician but he is the president . What I need to explain is that in official matters and especially when you represent a country you behave . This is protocol , it is not a precedent and protocols have to be followed . They are not to be changed . Now you will say that constitution is also a precedent . Why not change it everyday ? Or perhaps why not defy the law ? No it does not quite work like that . I would not mind if he came in some other capacity but as the chief he should exercise some restraint . I expect this of him .
27/10 21:59:02
A very informative and educational post. Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked. Hope you continue to post more blogs such as this one. Thanks again.
01/08 08:51:37

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