24/10: Email address images - an anti-spamming technique

While surfing the web, I often came across images which showed email addresses. Following are some samples:


This is supposedly a way to counter web bots which crawl the web for email addresses from popular email providers for spamming purposes.

This is a neat little trick and I often wondered on how to make such an email address image. Now I have found the source of these images. Some of you may already be familiar with the linked page. For those of you who want to use such images and didn't knew where to find them, you can go to this linked page to make yourself such images. There are quite a few email provider choices for you to choose from.

Enjoy your email address images and do share your experience regarding this anti-spamming technique!

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Wow Asad, that was great! Didn't know that.. that actually helps a lot.. AS always, an interesting fact provide by my fav dmentor.. :-)
24/10 05:01:11
nice blog :), secondly in addition to the list, i found a website which is infact doing the same stuff but with MORE PICTURES and any text. check it :)
24/10 07:20:43
@ SeTh SaAD:

Yeah, I have seen that before but what I was specifically looking for was email address images. Furthermore, the images produced by that site aren't as good as the ones I linked. That might be just my personal preference, though.
24/10 14:48:28
If a bot is able to read your email, it will surely read the Email headers and the address will be read. Yeah it can help on Public sites, forums where u need to reveal ur email address this technique can help there.
26/10 13:25:49
@ Abdul Sami:

Yeah, that's the intended use here.
20/12 19:08:37

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