30/10: My blog is worth $7903.56

I was randomly browsing through blogs when I found this site. It states my blog's worth at $7903.56. Neat, ain't it? If only real cash was involved... ;)

Apparently, the site calculates how much a blog is worth using data from Technorati. The inspiration comes from Tristan Louis's research into the value of each link to Weblog, Inc. Here's a nice image to go along with it:

blog worth image

If you have a blog, how much is it worth? Would you sell it for the amount calculated? Do share your results and thoughts!

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30/10 22:21:50
@ Truth Seeker:

A very simple IP trace tells me that you are from India. People like you simply prove that Indians really do deserve pity for their Pakistan centric thinking. No wonder you people don't have good relations with any of your neighbouring countries.
30/10 23:07:51
Not bad a little more effort can get you rocking
30/10 23:35:34
@ Teeth Maestro:

Probably yes. The eidi post of yours is probably doing wonders for all the blogs listed in it. :)

It was a very good idea. Unfortunately, Nucleus CMS is not very compatible with raw code or I would have listed all the blogs in my own post.

Check your own blog at the linked site. Last I checked, it was somewhere around $94000. You have done a marvelous job with your blog!
30/10 23:50:42

No wonder you people don't have good relations with any of your neighbouring countries.

Indeed, from what I've heard India is remarkable for having gone to war with every one of it's neighbors.

I suppose this is true of the us (the US) too, but we've only got two, and we haven't been at war with Canada for a couple of centuries, and we haven't had a serious war with Mexico for almost as long.
31/10 00:12:13
@ Harold:

Hi Harold,

Thanks for commenting!

It was just a very rude comment from a very rude person to which I posted a rather simplistic response.

Do you have a blog? If so, what is the result that you get from the linked site?
31/10 00:29:46
Greetings, Asad! And you're very welcome.

And, yeah, as you've noticed, "He's Back..."; some people have too much time on their hands....

Nope, blogging isn't really my style. But I tried this neat site you brought to my attention on some of the blogs I regularly check:

Instapundit: $3,347,722.20

No surprise, he's one of the top "link aggregators" and commentators. $750,838.20

A UCLA law professor who comments on corporate law and until recently a lot of topical stuff. $34,436.94

A software engineer who's a scholar, comments (and writes books) on history, plus does personal astronomy, society and politics, all sorts of things. (Viridian): $0.00

^_^.... Well, his site is pretty new, and is mostly designed to keep people up to date in his writing progress so he doesn't have to do it directly.

Thanks for the pointer.
31/10 01:21:50
hey, asad you getting rich, eh? ;)

btw .. i guess there's a lot more common b/w 1111 & the_INDIAN ..see now ... u didn't reply back on forums when i asked you.
31/10 14:30:29
@ AbbasJin:

No, I am not getting rich. It's just something I though fellow bloggers and other people reading this site might enjoy.

About the recent Indian spam attack on this site, it's like a child whining and crying for no other reason than to be annoying.

For all they insist on us being India centric on every matter, facts speak otherwise.
31/10 14:48:01
Indians are definitely attention seeking prats , definitely. They make sure this way they get noticed , especially when you notice when the article is not aimed at Indians .
31/10 16:25:33

Yeah, but I do not appreciate this kind of attention whoring.
31/10 16:31:41
:) i m not a blog reader or writer, but belive me i like your stuff :P i often open ur website to read the new tech :) keep it up brav ..
19/11 03:48:29
@ Seth Saad:

Well, do try blogging some time. It is a good way to get your opinion known so that people have an alternative thinking point in the seemingly increasingly unipolar media of today.
03/12 16:17:05
Hi 2 all! good work!
14/03 16:54:03

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