08/11: DVD playback lacks audio

Sometimes, when trying to watch a DVD on your computer, you can see the video but there is no audio.

This has happened to me sometimes in the past after which I used the standard 're-install Windows' technique when it became too annoying. Recently, a friend of mine faced the same problem and in searching for the solution, I found one which might prove to be useful to others facing the same issue.

From what I have read, this is a common problem. The reason can be either of the following:

1 - You don't have the AC3 codec required to decode the audio part of the DVD,
2 - The application you are using isn't properly associating the required codec with the file type you are playing.

To resolve this issue, download AC3Filter from here. Open the downloaded file and install it.

Now open your DVD playback software and try playing the DVD again. You will now be able to hear the DVD audio.

Was this solution successful for resolving this issue on your DVD playback software? If so, share the name of the software so others might benefit from the information.
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Let me first thank you for visiting my Blog and then yI receive your already written thanks. Hehehe.

Long ago I faced that problem but, i think, it was due to Windows XP not having properly installed.

Now I have problem with some very good CDs which not only didn't play with Windows XP but were bugered by XP.
09/11 09:25:40
@ Iftikhar Ajmal Bhopal:

You are welcome.

The solution in the article is specific to DVD audio issues however the causes as outlined, are still applicable for other media playback. You will just have to find an appropriate codec to run the media/file type you are having an issue with.
09/11 10:03:40
i would like to mention Kazaa Lite Mega Codec Pack, it contains most of the widely used codecs, even play real media and quick time movie.
24/03 03:09:49
@ Syed Faraz Mahmood:

Thanks for the suggestion.
24/03 07:25:34

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