02/12: Welcome a new blogger!

This site is now going to have another blogger apart from me posting about topics of interest. I would like to welocome Usman to this site. Here is a brief bio of him:

Name: Usman Saeed
Qualification: M.Sc Physics (Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad)
Current Programme: Enrolled in M.Phil Physics
Subject of Research: High Energy Physics
Topic of Research: Phenomenology of noncommutative space-time
-> Theoretical Physics (Quantum Gravity, Superstrings, etc)
-> Astroparticle physics , Astrophysics and Cosmology (various problems especially the galaxy rotation problem, extremely high energy cosmic rays, magnetars, etc)
-> Foundations of computer science, particularly interested in quantum computing
-> Emerging technologies especially electronic and aerospace
Note 1: The first two entries of my interests are those which I am pursuing and will pursue in the future and any one of them might become the subject of my PhD which I intend to do after my M.Phil. As such I am still reading introductory material on them as they are extremely complex.
Note 2: M.Phil in Pakistan is like MS abroad. It however takes two years after M.Sc and at the end a dissertation is required (Both M.Sc and M.Phil are composed of four semesters). The first year is a year of course work followed by a year of research. It is the second year at the end of which dissertation is presented. Right now, I am in the last semester so my M.Phil is near completion.

An article by Usman on Virtualization will be posted soon. Keep an eye out for it!

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