03/12: 60 years of Asian heroes

Yet again we see an acknowledgment of some prominent Pakistani leaders and heroes. Time Magazine has come out with 60 years of Asian heroes. It gives me great pride to see such a thing.

The Pakistanis mentioned in the magazine are:

Nation Builders - Mohammad Ali Jinnah
Artists & Thinkers - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Athletes & Explorers - Jahangir Khan

Read up on them and get inspiration from these heroes for their efforts and hard work for giving us what we have today. I salute them for their work and the pride they have brought to their country.

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At last, finally they thought they should include us as well. The most well deserved entry is of course the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. But still it is disappointing that it took so long. Gandhi is generally projected as the iconic figure of this time but the fact is overall he did nothing in comparison to Jinnah. Jinnah had to fight on two fronts, build a country fighting not only against the British but also against the intrigues of clever and cunning Hindus which hate and oppose the existence of this country to this date. In my view Jinnah's accomplishments need to be projected in greater detail, in more detail than is generally described.
03/12 22:23:12
@ Usman:

Indeed. We need better projection of our heroes.

I disagree to some extent about what you say about Gandhi. Gandhi was a good man. He himself protested the illegal occupation of Kashmir at the hands of other leaders of India at that time since he realized the right of the Kashmiri people to join the country they wished to [even though that didn't happen] and for that I respect the man. It was Gandhi who forced the Indian government of that time to give us our rightful share of military equipment and monetary share after partition even though we didn't get the complete share we should have gotten.

The aim of Jinnah, as I see it, was to create a secular state where minorities could practice their religion in safety and how they wanted, away from the machinations of the Hindu majority of the unified pre-partition India. The birth of Pakistan is something I would rightfully consider a miracle seeing the hurdles; legal and otherwise, Jinnah had to face to get Pakistan.

Pakistan, at the time of independence wasn't known as 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan'. That all happened when we got a new constitution. I am still not much opposed to that because Islam guarantees the rights of minorities. However, it does shows the change Pakistan has gone through from the vision our much loved leader had which we currently need to get back to.
04/12 02:37:24
Well, I remember one thing for certain.If Gandhi was that supportive of Kashmir acceding to Pakistan , why did he say that foreigners (Muslims) have no right to a separate state (Pakistan)?
04/12 10:27:26
@ Usman:

Dunno. I haven't heard of what you say. What I have stated is what I have heard people say and read in some books.

Just for the face value of his protests, he is to be appreciated. I am not in the know about his true intentions.
04/12 17:05:04

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