29/12: Mathematics and physics jokes

I found these jokes while surfing random sites and thought to share them. Have a laugh and a good day!

[Note: I don't know who created these images. Credit will be given if and when I am informed.]

8 to 5

Frustrated enough to be hanged

X is right in front of you



The images above were found on an MIT blog.

Heart maths


The above images were found here.
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Comments made

Well this seems to be a person who left arts for mathematics. It is better it is not shown, I didn't find it funny because its never a good idea to mess with fundamental sciences.
A lot of people abuse sciences, not considering the amount of time or effort spent on it. As a research student, I don't know why would one give his/her time or energy to such useless thinking. I like jokes but i don't think that science is a avenue for this.
I have absolutely no feeling about this article except perhaps a bit of disgust.
29/12 21:38:58
@ Usman:

Lighten up. No one is messing with the fundamental sciences, whatever they are supposed to be...

Remember, if everyone became a cobbler, there might be plenty of shoes to wear but no food to eat. Everyone has his/her own avenue of interest just like you.

Some of the pictures had me laughing myself silly. Learn to enjoy criticism of the sciences. I have a PDF document telling about the jokes regarding mathematics and why these jokes are made. I could email it to you if you are interested.
29/12 22:17:20
For your knowledge, fundamental sciences are sciences like physics, chemistry, maths, astronomy etc.

And this really is not about my particular interest, as a matter of fact my interests range the entire spectrum of science as i respect and acknowledge the work and achievements in perhaps all of science and technology including computer science, even if in reality i could not do or read them all. I would not even like a joke regarding computer sciences. I see all this phenomenon as a biased vandalism. This is not criticism but actually deliberate insult. The point to remember is,this is not about my interest but about the interest of all of science.

Lastly i don't approve of criticism of sciences. Science and technology has reached its current point after a lot of pain and struggle and we do injustice to people who dedicated their lives this way.
09/01 12:37:52
usman. PLEASE lighten up. thank you. these were JOKES, just laugh. smile. have a little joy in your life.
09/01 19:52:49
@ Usman:

Biased vandalism? Deliberate insult? LOL!!!

How is unquestioned worship of the sciences in science's benefit? Of the people working for the advancement of science, it is common to find an overwhelming majority is doing so for money or recognition.

Sure I love the sciences and am in awe of them just like any other common man but I am nowhere near the point of worship of the sciences you seem to be at, nor would I want to be.

Jokes are there to make you smile and add some happiness to your day. Take them like that, laugh and move on.
09/01 23:11:33
@ JE:

Good to see at least someone's enjoying these jokes!
09/01 23:15:24
really funny :D ..
I really smilled irresitively at the Lim x->5 .... and expand teh binomial theorem :P (a+b)^n ...find x nice also ..solved like a teasure hunt game
nice collection there asif .. can u get anymore such mathematical stuff??? i am gonna take some print outs and stick those over the uni notice board :P (under my name, of course :P)
13/01 15:13:13
@ AbbasJin:

I have another one regarding PhD students. I will put that up in the future as part two of this ongoing saga... ^_^
13/01 23:59:24
lmao, nice one dude.
10/02 06:47:38
I love the first three. Good stuff!
18/02 23:43:24
@ Imran, Abdussamad Abdurrazzaq:

Glad to know you folks liked 'em!
19/02 02:51:06

really amazing...
23/10 23:24:31
@ usman...are you Sheldon Cooper?
28/09 02:15:56
Usman is someone who has been hurt by the fairer sex his whole life so has decided that love and beauty are things he doesn't need. The day he meets his other half, he'll be head over heels.
22/10 20:03:15
The limit as x->8 of 1/(x-8) actually does not exist because the left side approaches negative infinity while the right side approaches positive infinity. Just saying.
09/02 08:30:47

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