11/03: Enlightened Moderation: A Critics Approach

I am a Muslim who is wandering in a midst of adversaries bullying me, and I seek for justice and refuge, I am tattered and hopeless until I am taught a new chapter “Enlightened Moderation” that allows me to sip the injustice that I face with a lot tranquil a lot patience and makes me even more indifferent to what’s happening around me. The definition of the keyword requires Muslims to broaden their thinking horizons, westernising their thoughts, liberalizing their perceptions, accepting the West’s tyranny against other Muslims and finding out better translations for the scriptures we have so as to imply to the world that we are much more giving then you guys think. As I reprimand, I am persuaded that this definition is in atonement to the Holy Scriptures and while I search for my nosiness I find it no where in the Holy Book. Its not that I am visually impaired or some optical physics have defied when I scan through the calligraphy, it’s just that it doesn’t exist. It never existed.

“Enlightened Moderation” as my leaders my saviors call it is a dogma that was created under the curb of America so that they could make each Muslim realize that whatever they do against our Muslim compatriots is justified. Justified because they don’t come under the umbrella of enlightened Islam and establishing its credibility by connecting the dots back to our Islamic lineage. This is a forced definition ladies and gentlemen that has overwhelmed the Muslim Ummah since 9/11 so the US could bag more Muslim countries widening there scope of targets and in tandem giving us patience pills which have “Enlightened Moderation” written on them which in effect have made us more impalpable.

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07/03: Are You My Brother?

I recently saw a documentary on YouTube made by an American about his travels all over Pakistan alongside his good friend who is a Pakistani. This is an interesting documentary in the sense that I came to know about some things which were new and shocking to me. Examples of this include Pathan tribes originating from lost Jewish tribes and the concept of 'panah' [protection] which caused the Taliban's refusal to hand over Osama bin Laden to the USA after 9/11.

The American visitor even encountered ISI, the much feared Pakistani intelligence agency. He also got to meet some very popular singers like Junoon's Ali Azmat and various other actors and actresses. It also includes some nice songs and Pakistani cultural music.

The documentary gives an American perspective to certain issues. It reminds me of the perception of America and Americans in general as it was before 9/11. And that was very positive. But now times and circumstances are way different in a post-9/11 world.

Any way, without further delay, the links to each part of the documentary are given below. The documentary spans about one and a half hours long over fifteen parts. It is advised that if you do watch it, do so in one go.

Are You My Brother? - Part 01
Are You My Brother? - Part 02
Are You My Brother? - Part 03
Are You My Brother? - Part 04
Are You My Brother? - Part 05
Are You My Brother? - Part 06
Are You My Brother? - Part 07
Are You My Brother? - Part 08
Are You My Brother? - Part 09
Are You My Brother? - Part 10
Are You My Brother? - Part 11
Are You My Brother? - Part 12
Are You My Brother? - Part 13
Are You My Brother? - Part 14
Are You My Brother? - Part 15

Some portions are a bit repetitive but it is an interesting documentary, none the less!


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