22/10: Linux Compromised With 'root' Password Recovery?

I have been dabbling into Texas Instruments' Da Vinci DM6467 Digital Video Processing kits recently and consider myself a relative Linux n0ob, relative being the key word. :)

I used Red Hat 9 as the host workstation for booting the kits over NFS (Network File System). I had come back to working on it after a couple days and had forgotten 'root's' password I had set when I installed Red Hat 9 on the host system.

I looked around on the internet and found a solution to reset the password for user 'root'.

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22/10: Namecheap coupon codes for October 2008

Most people who buy domains know of the positive reputation of Namecheap. They also started Linux based hosting services a couple months back and have been providing very good service for the money they charge. I know most people hate advertisements and so do I but this is just a recommendation.

Moving on to the focus of this topic: Coupon codes for October! The codes are listed below alongside a brief explanation of what they are to be used for:

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