07/06: 21st Century Lullaby

Symphony of cries that shook the sky,
Let sleep take you O sweetie before I end my lullaby,
Sleep before Bush invades our home,
And sets us with Saddam into a treason trial,
Let sleep take you O sugar before I end my lullaby,
Get unconscious or the next knock on the door,
Would bring in Bush with lust for the oil and eyes on our floor,
Let sleep take you O honey before I end my lullaby,
Force yourself in a midst of a soothing dream,
Or Bush will have us for 9/11 rage,
A holy war he fights, huh a loser’s try,
Let sleep take you O darling before I end my lullaby,
Now close your eyes or sweet mama would die,
I have heard Uncle Bush riding a bomber Stealth,
And guiding the ghostly Toma Hawk,
Would ‘bomb us into stone ages’ as he passes by,
For the love of Jesus kid you sleep,
The roses on Papa’s grave didn’t yet dry.

© Faraz Arshad

29/05: Snatched Chaste

Snatched Chaste; the story of a powerless prostitute

Loosing demureness as sunlight falls,
The Showtime starts on the manager’s call,
Occasional sneak-back before sun rises,
The austerity in attitude before anyone despises,
Adorned a dress so brazen so that transvestite rises,
Walking past the streets, covered in veil, as she disguises,
The lobby of the French motel deluged by the immoral,
Usual pick-ups by the insatiable 50’s;
The low chances of being paid high,
Continues the never ending story of powerless,
Whose snatched chaste sinks in remorse,
And the body in the bed of roses, now shameless stays content.

© Faraz Arshad

24/05: Ignorant rich blood

Rich blood; the ignorant rich

With the opulent fragrance in the flesh of the rich blood,
gets oblivious the aroma in the sweat of the poor.

With the lavish extravaganzas in the house of the rich blood,
gets melancholy the souls in the home of the poor.

With the lust in the eyes of the rich blood,
gets promiscuous the demure daughters of the poor.

With the strength in the voice of the rich blood,
gets overshadowed the mourning echoes of the poor.

With the tyranny in the actions of the rich blood,
gets faded the soothing nostalgic dreams of the poor.

With the sarcasm in the laughter of the rich blood,
gets smeared the burning wax of guilt on the body of the poor.

With the nourishing embryo in the belly of the rich blood,
gets deserted the starving womb in the mother of the poor.

© Faraz Arshad

24/05: Suicide bomber

Suicide Bomber

Stolen from the lap of feeding mother
Raised in the midst of submission and surrender
This system of a Satan seasons a suicide bomber
Made dead are his instincts that fuelled worldly satisfaction
Signed is the deal that offers heaven with babes for self-detonation
The jacket he wore isn’t meant for cold anymore
Nor it reminds of mama knitting clothes anymore
The jacket houses the cries of the burnt
The trauma that floods mothers of innocent
My brother is not dead he is just pretending to sleep longer
The sister defied the brothers blood that spilled over
The old man now speechless was once asked
He told about a girl and an expecting wife who were lost after the blast
His eyes in high hopes sneak through the windows
While he dresses up willing to see their shadows
Alive now is the suicide bomber in another dimension
Angels of death made him realize he was under deception
The aftermath of suicide bomber has opened a new chapter
The system of a Satan that seasons another suicide bomber

© Faraz Arshad

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