30/01: Postcard From Pakistan

by Rosanne Hawke
Arts Hub Australia
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is an article by Rosanne Hawke about her trip to Pakistan. She discusses her impressions of the people, the traditions, culture and life in Pakistan. It makes for an interesting read. The article can be read here.

About the author:

Rosanne Hawke is the author of 14 books for young people. She was an aid worker in Pakistan for seven years and many of her works reflect the culture of that land. One of these, Soraya, the Storyteller was shortlisted in the 2005 CBCA awards and gained a commendation in the Victorian Premier's Literary awards.

Rosanne Hawke

As Asialink's first resident to Pakistan, Hawke aims to research and draft a novel for young adults about a girl who travels with the nomads to find her roots. To do so, she will travel in the mountains to meet the Gujar people and collect folk stories. Hawke will also exchange ideas and run writing workshops with her host, Murree Christian School. Hawke is certain this will be an enriching time which will be reflected in her work and foster a deeper understanding of Pakistani culture in young Australian readers.

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