30/07: Beta?

I started randomly surfing today on blogspot and by following links from one blog to another, found some good articles on "betaing". Starting from Abraxan's blog (http://abraxan.blogspot.com), I found Sherry Dyke's blog (http://sherridykes.blogspot.com/) through Technorati and read this article about her exposure to the term 'beta'. Another one of her posts pointed to Glenda's blog (http://glendalarke.blogspot.com/) which I found quite interesting to read. Click here to read the article on Glenda's blog.

She basically discusses the how, what, why and when of a beta in her novel writing advice. Being a beta reader myself, I admittedly, started reading it with a bit of amusement but that turned to respect as I continued reading it. I say 'respect' because the article answered each of the above questions about a beta in a very good way.

I would suggest every aspiring author to head over to Glenda's blog to read the article.