29/02: WiredPakistan Forums hacked!

WiredPakistan [link] is a forum which Pakistanis frequent for discussing various technological queries and observations. A major segment of the forum is dedicated to the various internet services in Pakistan and any problems which users are facing with any particular service. There are other areas of discussions related to technology.

In fact, WiredPakistan is the first forum where the lack of proper security practises by Wateen WiMax were exposed alongside their absurd four to five layers of NAT which they employ. Password lists for root access to their CPE were also posted which enabled users to configure settings which were hidden from them. Their one-IP-for-a-nation scheme was also lamented repeatedly. In fact, every major ISP's service [including PTCL Broadband] was exposed to the fullest.

Some time back, WiredPakistan was blocked by PTA for [still as of yet] unknown reasons. Fortunately, that block was removed and access was restored. Now, the forum has been hacked by malicious elements which are yet unknown.

So who is the hacker? As I mentioned, the hacker is as of yet, unknown. It could be an individual script kiddy unhappy at being banned - there were quite a few of those - or it could be an ISP trying to get rid of the information presented about its services and security practices - or lack thereof - on the forums. In fact, if it is the latter case, this could very well provide an opportunity for testing the new Cyber Crime laws recently implemented in Pakistan. The site access logs could be used as proof so there is a good chance that the perpetrators(s) could be caught and brought to justice. I hope the site owner gives this a serious thought since this is his prerogative.

Khalid, the owner of the site has posted an entry on his blog about this incident. You can read it here.

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Its really sad to see that the forum is hacked...i just hope it will open again. inshAllah
29/02 00:54:36
I am 100% sure suckers at WATEEN hacked this site. Because they simply cheat their customers and provide very bad service while this forum was exposing the reality.

29/02 02:31:08
asad man everything is wiped out there, there were some posts i contributed took lot of time to write and then one day you wake up then all your efforts are gone, this is shit man,

as i read comments from KO blog about this lots of people are saying KO was not using latest BB software version,man this is shit again, its a free software all he had to to was just update it. now what KO has done now everybody is suffering.
01/03 13:54:23
Why can't I access the forum wiredpakistan today..
08/04 23:24:44
Why can't I access the forums :S
08/04 23:25:16
To all wateen users please discount your services and get the refund as soons as possible because wateen is going to windup from pakistan.

Don't consider it as a joke or rumor.
23/04 20:32:20

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