12/08: The Telefun and Bachchan episode

BBC recently covered the story about posters of Bachchan having a backdrop of the Pakistani flag being banned from the commercial hub, Karachi. This all comes just before the celebrations for independence day on the 14th of August.

These posters were aimed at promoting a telephone quiz contest (by Telefun) opening on the independence day. Here's a quote from one of the government officials:

"We are not enemies of Mr Bachchan. But his picture on our national flag was an objectionable act and we ordered them to remove his picture from the flag," Mirza Asif Baig, a local government official said on Friday.

"This place is reserved only for our own heroes," he added.

I agree with what the official said. Mr. Bachchan has no place on the national flag. It should indeed, only be reserved for our heroes.

Abdul Qadir, Telefun's Marketing manager has said they used Mr. Bachan's picture because of the similar format of the Quiz. His statement makes it clear that Mr. Bachan was used as a symbolic representation for a quiz, Mr. Bachan could only be associated with the independence day of Pakistan as either an Ambassador of peace or as an artist wishing us a happy day, but that would require Telefun to hire Mr. Bachchan, so to make things easier for them they played stupid and ignorant. They placed Mr. Bachchan's image where it didn't belong.

Ofcourse, this has made headlines in India and is being milked for all it is worth. This will definately have some negative impact on the ongoing peace process, the success of which is already doubtful due to India's lack of commitment to it.

I hope this whole episode of stupidity and ignorance is not used as another excuse to delay the already fragile peace process.
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