29/04: Help Aariz

Normally I don't post this kind of stuff on my blog, but seeing someone suffer and deliberately ignoring them is a sin, according to my own values, belief and judgement.

And so, I put forth this request to all those capable of helping this child in need.

Aariz Atif is a one year old baby boy, currently fighting for his life in Pittsburgh, PA. Aariz needs a liver transplant to combat a rare form of liver cancer called Hepatoblastoma.

Aariz Picture

The Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh is hopeful and ready to get Aariz the liver he needs within a relatively short period of time, pending some presurgical screening and clearance.

The stumbling block? Money! As an international patient with no insurance and a family with normal means, Aariz cannot pay $300,000-$335,000 in cash to get a shot at what we all take for granted, i.e. life. The policy of the Children's Hospital requires a deposit of $300,000+ before Aariz can qualify to receive treatment.

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"..and whoever saves the life of one person, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind" (Qur'an 5:32)

The family has thus far raised approximately $80,000, enabling them to at least get Aariz through the tests and interim treatment. However, his only real chance at survival is a liver transplant and for that, the family critically between $300,000-$335,000, as soon as possible, to make a deposit into the Children's Hospital account set up for Aariz.

You can read more about this on The Saturday Post or at the website set up for Aariz; Help Aariz. If you want to donate, here's where you can find the information.

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